Commitment Ceremonies

It’s not uncommon for couples in long-term relationships to reach a point where they want to celebrate their commitment to each other but for various reasons don’t want the legal formalities of a civil union or marriage.

Circles Celebrancy was originally established to meet just such a need and continues to provide this option.

A commitment ceremony pays tribute to and respects a long-standing relationship and provides an opportunity for the couple to acknowledge and celebrate their love for each other.

A commitment can also be the perfect opportunity for couples who are already married to rededicate themselves to each other. This restating of an on-going commitment may coincide with a significant anniversary or may be a means of acknowledging the strength of a relationship after a time of difficulty or family loss.

Each commitment ceremony is unique to the individuals involved and while some may have similarities to a civil union or marriage others may be quite different.

Working together, we will get an understanding of what you as a couple want to create and will design a ceremony that enables you to honour and take pride in being committed life partners.

I invite you to contact me to begin the process of creating your commitment ceremony.