Civil Union Act

On 26th April 2005 the Civil Union Act became law in New Zealand and created a long-awaited legal parallel to marriage for same sex and heterosexual couples wanting to formalise their relationships.

A civil union, like a marriage, is a formal recognition of a loving relationship and as such has specific legal requirements. For more information on the legal requirements of civil unions go to FAQ’s.

Planning your Civil Union Ceremony

Couples choosing to have a civil union share a common desire to express the love they have for their partner through making a legal commitment to them. How you and your partner choose to celebrate that commitment is what will make your civil union a unique experience.

The style of ceremony you have will be determined by many different factors. Some people prefer a very simple private ceremony while others want a celebration with all the trimmings. Formal arrival and entry, candle and ring ceremonies, remembrance of those who have passed away, acknowledgement of those not able to be present, personal vows, gifting, readings, music, ring blessings and participation by family and friends are just some of the possibilities open to you.

Whatever appeals to you, my role is to guide you through the process of thinking about the practical details while helping you to translate your vision of your day into a reality. When you are ready to start planning your civil union we will meet and talk about what matters most to you as individuals and as a couple and how we can best reflect that in the ceremony we create together.

If you’re ready to begin the process of creating your civil union please contact me.

Coming from overseas for your Civil Union?

I have a lot of experience working with couples coming to New Zealand for a civil union and generally find most of the planning can be done via email and telephone. If you are thinking of coming to New Zealand for a civil union please contact me.